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Program Overview

The Rhosebud Club is an affiliate group of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. consisting of a diverse group of girls ages 8 through 11 years of age.  Delicate like the petals of a rosebud, this affiliate group is handled with special care and attention.  


Besides the obvious role we play in mentoring and developing, we wish to be impactful and intentional in introducing the girls to Sigma so that in the long run they will always have a favorable opinion of Sigma and ultimately decide to become a Rhoer and Soror. At the same time, the intent is not to overdo or burn-out a young girl at this impressionable age. Consider that a Rhosebud joining at 8 may have ten years of membership as a Rhosebud and Rhoer. That is a long time to maintain interest, so we wish to pace ourselves easy and steady. In addition, this is a serious undertaking. Before sponsoring a Rhosebud Club please make sure the advisor and chapter is committed to being well organized and capable, within your chapter programming, of showing much love and support .

Rhosebud Outing Photos

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